We are delighted to work with foreign exchange broker, Chris Musham as a preferred partner to Lundiniom.

Chris has worked on personal, corporate and institutional transactions for almost twenty years, from London to Sydney. He is based in South London with his fiancee and their young daughter.

Chris is an independent currency broker and uses his relationships with partner brokers and UK banks to help you secure the most competitive currency trading/payments and all within a safe and secure FCA regulated framework.

Please contact Chris directly to discover:

How you can take advantage of investment bank grade tools (at zero cost) and maximise your currency exchange rate, all whilst saving time when you need it the most and are up against an important deadline.

Information on a system that will enable you to secure leading-edge pricing forever.

Details on which payment providers you can be introduced to for safer, quicker and lowest fee structure, as well as what to avoid.

How to use an FX forecast to your advantage, delivered in clear and concise language.

  • Consistently Competative
  • Multiple Prividers & Bespoke Solutions
  • Secure UK Regulated Banking
  • Highly Experienced Staff

No obligation consultation, zero fees to open an account.

If this is something you would like to explore please contact Chris anytime…

FX Sales


Currency Payments

Chris Musham

Chris Musham



Please contact Chris for all your currency needs.

Lundiniom International

This is our latest venture, as we are always being approached to market properties overseas for our clients. There are many great investment opportunities to explore if you are looking to expand your existing portfolio or searching for a holiday home abroad.

apex currency transfers are 10 x more competitively priced than banks 2.4%

settle or debit into barclays or natwest secure client accounts

single point of contact with experienced brokers ensures trading at the best possible time.

Who I am

  • My name is Chris and I’m an independent money broker since the early 2000s based out of London
  • I work on a consultative sales basis.
  • I have an established business and pipeline and I’m not here to sell you currency you don’t need, more so to provide a currency system and service that will mutually benefit us both.


  • Save circa 3% on the exchange rate, e.g. £-$ 1.39 vs 1.3483 or £-€ 1.1770 vs 1.1216.
  • Zero fees or obligations with my trading, all fees and rates are included in the rate on offer.
  • A personal single point of contact for a time saving, efficient and boutique service.


  • You would be trading directly with a UK bank so you receive UK bank FCA level security.
  • The payment provider framework is fully authorised and regulated not just in the UK but the EU, US and also Canada.
  • Main infrastructure all runs through Barclays and Natwest.

Tools of the Trade

  • Live capital markets pricing with market orders executed by computers or bank traders.
  • Full broker support team of traders, payment specialists and compliance units.
  • Named collection accounts, held domestically in country of origin, netted off in a different country.
  • Choice from a number of providers, across them all there is always a product or service that fits the bill.
  • 0% hedging for fixing your rate up to 12 months away.
  • Trade online, via email or phone.


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